Housing platform

In the coming weeks, the management of the housing platform will only be possible once a week.
Therefore, if you place an add or if you apply to log on to the platform, validation will take place on Thursdays only.

Placing a housing advert

If you have an apartment that is available (end of lease, rental, sub-rental), please think of your co-workers at our institutions.

You can place a free advert on the housing portal for University staff members.

What you need to do

– Placing the housing advert : Click here

Place your housing advert by filling in all the fields, in particular the compulsory ones marked with an asterisk (*).

If you wish, you can attach a pdf file, with photos and/or additional information (only one file).

You will receive an email alert when your advert is online, and it is possible the Welcome Center might ring you to check whether the advert is authentic or not.

Your ad will remain on the platform for one month.. You should be aware though that if you aren’t a member of the University of Geneva’s staff, you will not be able to see your ad.

If you wish to withdraw or extend your ad, you should send an email to: housing@welc.ch.

If you also wish to place your ad on the student housing website, please click on the following link: Student housing exchange.


Before sub-letting your housing, you need to ask permission from your property-management firm (‘régie’).

You must also notify the Canton of Geneva’s Office for Population and Migration (OCP) of the arrival and departure of the sub-tenant (form below, in French only).

– Form for sub-tenants leaving

– Form for sub-tenants arriving

Useful documents:

Model sub-let contract (available, in French only, on the ASLOCA website)

Standard contract in French-speaking Switzerland (in French only)

Model inventory and property inspection for furnished accommodation (in English and French): Welcome Center – Inventory model form

Model contract for sub-lets and inventory forms (French/English/German) available on the UMS website

The University refuses to accept any responsibility for the outcome of any dealings you might have with people who reply to your advert.

Logging on to the housing portal


=> ISIS access  → login + password


  1. 1. Please created an ORISIS access via this link.
  1. 2. Please contact the Welcome Center to be allowed access.
  1. 3. Once you have done that, you can log on to the portal via this link.

University students have their own student housing exchange.

Please note that:

The University refuses to accept any responsibility for the outcome of any dealings you might have with anyone posting an advert on this site.

The housing is not visited by the UNIGE and it does not guarantee what is being advertised. You are strongly advised to visit or arrange for someone to visit any properties before entering into a legally binding commitment.

If rent in advance or a security deposit has to be paid, make sure the payment is made through a reputable Swiss bank. Never agree to pay money via a payment system like Western Union.

If you have any doubts about an advert, please alert the Welcome Center immediately by sending an email to: housing@welc.ch.